Settling In

Hello friends and family,

Over the last two weeks we have been on an adventure! We have enjoyed flying here, unpacking, getting to know our host family, a week of classes, and getting to know La Ceiba better.

Us at Roatan

A few things we have learned along the way… 

  1. How to count lempiras (currency here)- $1.00 is worth 22.3 times our currency which makes us use bigger bills. We both about had a heart attack when our bill at the store was over 1,000 lempiras just to learn that’s equivalent to $45.00. 🙂 Gotta love Honduras!
  2. That the electricity and water can go out any time… even in the middle of class! Don’t always expect to have it. And no, you can’t call Duke Energy for your electricity problems.
  3. David has found out how much Spanish he still needs to learn and has lots of homework every night. Hannah confirmed what she already knew… she knew enough Spanish to barely get by. Being here at Spanish school was such a great choice and we are thoroughly enjoying it. We are learning so much every day.
  4. And the best of all… learning to trust God with everything! And we mean everything, big and small. We are still amazed that we are here and how sovereign God’s timing is.

Language school is going well and is very busy. We have 4 hours of class every day (Monday-Friday) and homework each night. We are trying to use our time wisely each day. We have already accomplished several things in preparation for our move to Rus Rus (jungle house), but much is still needed to be done. We would appreciate your prayers in that regards.

Hannah y Nancy

Hannah with her teacher, Nancy

Manuel y David

David with his teacher Manuel, also our host dad.

We found a wonderful doctor here in the area that we are very happy with. Him and his daughter own an OB/GYN clinic in the area. We had another ultrasound last week and baby boy is doing wonderful. He continues to grow nice and strong. As of last week, he was weighing 2.5 pounds but we are sure it’s more by now. Hannah entered the third trimester of her pregnancy (28 weeks) this past Monday. We are rejoicing in this little boy and can’t wait to meet him soon!

27 weeks

Picture above was last week (27 weeks)- Now Hannah is 28 weeks and in her 3rd trimester.

At the doctor

One of the doctors working with us here in La Ceiba. We had another wonderful ultrasound!


~ We praise the Lord for safety and good health as we have been here. The Lord continues to take care of us.

~ Praise the Lord we found a good, Christian agency that will be working on our residency for Honduras.

~ Praise the Lord for our wonderful host family we are living with. They have been such a blessing to us by taking good care of us and helping us learn more about La Ceiba.

Wes with truck

We praise the Lord for the Rus Rus truck that Missionary Air Group just got. We are excited to have this out in the jungle. 🙂 Larger tires arriving soon. 

Pray For:

~ Continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Hannah and baby boy.

~ Please pray for us as we are in the process of finding a local church here in La Ceiba to attend until we move to the jungle.

~ Pray for an upcoming trip this weekend that David will be taking to San Pedro Sula (3 hours away) with some other missionaries to learn about residency and dual citizenship for baby boy. Hannah will be staying in La Ceiba with her host mom as the traveling wears on her pregnant body. Pray for a good relationship with the government of Honduras and the missionaries as David will attend a conference with important political figures in Honduras (president, vice president, etc.)

~ Pray for wisdom and knowledge as we purchase construction materials in the next few weeks as we prepare for our upcoming construction team who will be completing our home in April/May. Pray for all our totes to safely make it to Honduras. They will be shipped soon and will take about a month to arrive.

We hope all of you are doing well. We see that you might be getting some snow in North Carolina. We are enjoying the nice, warm weather down here. Stay warm! 🙂


David and Hannah

If you are interested in contacting us:


You can Skype us with our name: davidmora2010 (Let us know a time you want to chat)

You can also FaceTime or call us on our new Honduran phone numbers:

Download the free “What’s App” to talk to us for free. (Using wi fi)

If you want to call us from your house phone, you can buy a $5.00 Boss phone card online or at a Spanish grocery store.

David- 011 (504) 8896-2933

Hannah- 011 (504) 8873-7999

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