Our Florida Trip

Hello friends and family!

It seems like it has been forever since our last weekly update. We returned from Florida on this past Friday. While we were in Florida, we had a wonderful trip speaking with pastors, small groups, and individuals.


We started off our trip with a stop in Jacksonville, Florida. We enjoyed some time at the beach as the Dr. recommended the salt air for my sinuses (Hannah). Thanks for all who have been praying for my recovery since my surgery. I’m doing much better. I have my post op appointment this Friday, July 31st, for her to check my sinuses.

We enjoyed some time at the beach!



   We also enjoyed seeing Josh and Abby Evans in Jacksonville, FL for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel. What a blessing and encouragement this young couple is to us! 🙂

On to Fort Lauderdale, Florida! 

We had multiple opportunities to share with individuals/families, pastors, and small groups throughout our time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

David’s parents have a Spanish Bible study in their home every Tuesday evening. A few of the people attending right now are very close to accepting Jesus.  David’s parents have a gift for evangelism! Pray for those individuals to come to know Christ. We were able to share our testimonies and passion for Honduras both Tuesdays we were there. We were also able to encourage the believers in this group. 🙂

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We were also given an opportunity to speak to the Salt Life Youth on a Friday night. This is the youth group from Peters Road Baptist Church.


These teenagers/young adults had such a passion and fire for our Lord. David and I could feel the Holy Spirit working through that place. It was amazing! A lot of these young people showed an interest in coming to Honduras on a missions team in the future. 🙂

We were also given an opportunity to share at a Homeschool group. I’m sorry we didn’t get a picture of this group. This group prayed over us and encouraged us. It was a group of Homeschool parents/grandparents and their children. (About 30 in all) We loved sharing with them! We are hoping a lot of them will come to Honduras in the future.

Family Time

We were so thankful to be able to spend some time with David’s family while we were there. They are such a blessing to us! We love them dearly.

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While there, we received numerous love offerings that are going towards our outgoing expenses for Honduras/deputation expenses. We are so grateful for God providing for us! We also have several new monthly supporters that have given and/or pledged to give. We also received another church supporter while we were on our trip. God is so good!

We are currently at 44.3% (and climbing) of our monthly support! Our goal is to be at 50% by July 31st. We know God is able! Pray to see if God is calling you and your family to support us monthly. 

Our Upcoming Speaking Schedule

(Subject to Change)

Wednesday, July 29th- Iotla Baptist Church in Franklin, NC

Sunday, August 2nd- Double Springs Baptist Church in Shelby, NC

Sunday, August 9th- We will be in Winston-Salem, NC- We were suppose to be speaking at Union Grove Baptist Church, but it was rescheduled for October 11th. 

** We will be in the Winston-Salem area August 8th-12th. Let us know if you’d like to see us. Our schedule is getting full. **

Sunday, August 16th- Drury Dobbins Baptist Church in Ellenboro, NC

Sunday, August 23rd- Ivanhoe Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC


Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support! We love all of you!

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