How can YOU be involved?

1. PRAY!  If you would like a prayer card, go to the “contact us” tab and send us a mailing address. We have prayer cards in the U.S. and can send you prayer cards from N.C. directly to your location.  Let us know if you would like for us to come over and share about our ministry in Honduras.

2. GIVE! –  We are able to serve in Honduras because of faithful financial supporters through monthly and one-time financial gifts. Let us know if you are interested in partnering with us.  You may click on the donate tab in the menu above, to serve financially alongside our ministry.

  3. Go! There are many opportunities for you to go overseas with us!  We cannot do the Lord’s work alone. Please let us know how God is asking YOU to personally get involved by serving on a short term missions trip.

What ministry opportunities do you have for U.S. mission teams?

We are flexible to allow teams to minister in the areas that the Lord has gifted them in.  Nonetheless, here are some recurring ways in which most teams serve alongside of us.

  • One-Day Camps – We are able to go in to the Public and Bilingual School Systems and offer camps to the students and teachers.  Students are divided up and are rotated through games and workshops.  The workshops consists of topics such as principals / values, sexual purity, dangers on the internet, drug prevention and English practice.  This is where we share God’s perspective on these life issues and offer the solution, Jesus.  

  • Conferences / Retreats – Many pastors in Honduras do not have Bible, Theology or Seminary degrees.  Nor do church lay leaders have specific training in areas of church service.  Our goal is to bring sound, Biblical and practical teaching to help train and reinforce pastors and lay leaders in the local church.  Our invited speakers can lead and teach on Theology, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Creation, Marriage/Family/Youth, Biblical Finance, Women’s Conference, Pastors Retreat, and much more.

OIC Biblical Counseling Conference 

  • Block Party – Bounce houses, games, music, snacks and piñatas all free for a neighborhood.  We strategically pick locations that are tied to a local church.  Small groups from the church help set up and run the activity, in such a way that they become contacts for follow up in the community.

  • Sports – There are a variety of sports played in Honduras and at various levels – high school, college, and adult for both men and women.  We throughly believe sports are a tool that can be used to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We evangelize in one on one and crowd settings.  We encourage you to unite your team and expand the kingdom.


  • HSD School – HSD started to reach lower class children with quality, bilingual and Christian education.  It is a ministry of Renacer in its 5th year.  Currently there are about 79 students, many are from neighborhoods too dangerous for us to visit, but God has brought them to us.  Partner with us by bringing books, teaching English through an internship, working on a project or by sponsoring a child.

  • Medical Clinics – If you only practice good medicine, you will touch people for a few years.  But if you use it as a tool for the Gospel, you will touch people for eternity.  Our clinics are done in coordination with local churches.  Some churches have their own medical ministry established.  You have the opportunity to partner with them in reaching their goals.  Each patient has multiple opportunities to respond to the Gospel though the day.  Whether you are a doctor, nurse, medical student or are not in the medical field, there is a place for you.  All levels of experience can be put to use in triage, treating patients, pharmacy, organization, evangelism station or children’s care station.

  • Internships – If you or someone you know is considering missions full time, or are just interested in seeing what the mission field looks like for more than a week’s time, come join us for an internship.

  • Construction – We are partnering with several local churches and like minded ministries to help them with ongoing projects.  We are always in need of electrical, plumbing, tile, drop ceiling, awnings, paint and landscape help.  During 2018, we had four teams focus on construction projects.  So if construction is your area of expertise, we will be glad to put you to work.