Praising the Lord for a fresh start in Honduras!

We returned back to Honduras in February and hit the ground running as soon as we arrived back home. We praise the Lord for providing a home in the city. We are about 15 minutes from where we use to live, but on higher ground.  We live in a secure, quiet neighborhood, which is a must for our family as David and the SCORE team often travels for up to a week at a time ministering around the country. We are excited to build new relationships in hopes of sharing the gospel with those around us. The Lord has blessed our family greatly with furniture from a missionary family leaving the field who sold us almost all their furniture at a very affordable price. We appreciate all of you giving monetary gifts to help us get back on our feet here in Honduras. Moreover, some of you have wondered about our vehicles. It’s been a blessing that our insurance agency reimbursed us for flood damages and repairs; however, we are still having some issues with both vehicles post flood. So please pray that the vehicles we have would continue to be reliable as we serve the Lord here.

The church we work with, Iglesia Bautista Renacer, moved locations early in the year and are still getting settled in the new location. The new location is the Christian bilingual school (HSD) that SCORE and Renacer work directly with. To help propel us forward with the new church location, we had a SCORE team (3 men) come from Tennessee in late March to assist with some construction projects in the church.  Our director Ryan, along with our missionary team, continue to work on the building on a weekly basis. Each week, more progress is made and our church is feeling more like home.

Our SCORE team having a delicious dinner with US SCORE team back in late March. Just missing Walter and Angela who live in Choluteca.
Lunch break for construction crew
Working hard at church

We continue to do weekly discipleships with individuals helping them grow in their walks with the Lord and also some marriage counseling. David is also taking turns teaching Bible study on Wednesday nights to our church. One of the ladies Hannah was discipling for a few years is doing wonderful and no longer in need of weekly discipleship with Hannah. It’s been so exciting to see her spread her wings and disciple other ladies and continue to grow in her walk with the Lord. Of course, Hannah is still here if she has questions or a need arises.

We haven’t been able to resume kid’s club due to covid and since we live in a new neighborhood it’s quite difficult at this time, but Hannah is on the children’s Sunday school rotation schedule with many other ladies. She will also resume singing with the worship team at church. We did take the 5 children who memorized all their memory verses to Chuckie Cheese for a special time together. They had been patiently waiting for a year and we were finally able to do it.

Kid’s Club Special Field Trip to Chuckie Cheese for Reward
Some of the precious children at church one Sunday morning 🙂

Nicholas continues to do preschool at home with mommy and we are having a great time together! We are almost finished with the preschool year and will homeschool for kindergarten in August. He loves to learn and is a little sponge. He enjoys going to church on Sundays and being with his church friends as he misses normal activities due to covid. He thoroughly enjoyed his time with maw maw (Hannah’s mom) while she was here for two weeks.

Nicholas is ALL about Legos right now and building things. He continues to amaze us as he is a super fast learner. 🙂

We praise the Lord for the Responders on a Mission (Firefighters Ministry in U.S.) as they have raised funds to help the La Lima firefighter families where we had been doing weekly Bible studies pre covid.  David went this week with a coworker to buy beds, stoves, refrigerators, and many more needed supplies, with the funds raised by this wonderful organization.  La Lima is still struggling after the hurricanes and there are still many needs there. David and the SCORE team have been cleared to resume Bible studies at the fire station on Tuesdays.

Many of you have been asking and praying for our family concerning our adoption process. As of now, we have received the terrible news that new adoption laws in Honduras are making it just about impossible for us to try to adopt a child from Honduras. The new law states once a permanent resident reaches 5 years in Honduras, they can no longer complete an international adoption. We celebrated five years in Honduras this past January. With that said, doing a domestic in country adoption is very difficult for foreigners and lasts many years. We have spoken to our US adoption agency about the possibility of us adopting in the US. The problem with that is we don’t live in the US nor do we have a permanent home in the US. Right now, we are trying our best to trust the Lord and continue to pray for his will to be done. Though we are heartbroken and discouraged, we believe the Lord isn’t finished with our adoption journey, we just don’t know what direction he is leading us to next. Please pray for our family as we navigate these unknown waters. We still have the adoption funds in a US savings account and do not plan on touching that money until the time comes for us to be able to adopt.

Last but not least, it was an honor to have Hannah’s mom come for a two week visit.  Hannah had a major surgery on April 20th, and Bonnie was of tremendous help in helping David care for Hannah and Nicholas, along with cooking and cleaning.  Bonnie was a real trooper, as she arrived in Honduras during the hottest time of the year.  David had to constantly remind her to drink lots of water, to stay hydrated.  We are not sharing details on the surgery, as we have chosen to keep this a private matter.  But we do praise the Lord that Hannah is making a full recovery, and is now continuing to disciple her ladies through online platforms.  We praise the Lord that the surgery has brought Hannah some much needed relief, as we continue to faithfully serve the Lord.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Hannah’s mom for two weeks.
Celebrating Daddy’s 36th Birthday this past week


~ We praise the Lord for the good health God has given us. We haven’t had covid (that we know of) and Hannah continues her weekly allergy shots with great success.

~ The fire station is once again allowing David and the SCORE team the freedom to resume Bible study as the firefighters have all had their covid shots.

Prayer Request:

~ Honduras continues to be on curfew and strict biosecurity guidelines everywhere you go. Please pray as many are weary and tired of this.

~ Pray for us as we begin to build new relationships in our neighborhood. We have also stayed in contact with friends in La Lima.

~ Our adoption process

We hope and pray all of you are staying healthy and doing well! Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support!


David and Hannah Mora