Thankful to be alive this holiday season!

Psalm 63:7 “Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.” 

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and messages on our family’s behalf during the month of November and even into December. We also greatly appreciate all the financial gifts that have been given to help us replace many of our lost items due to the flood. 

November was supposed to be a smooth transitional month for our family.  We had packed our suitcases and were waiting to leave on November 3rd for our furlough to the US.  A few days before our flight, hurricane Eta was announced to make landfall in Honduras as a category one.  Our flight soon after was canceled and we placed everything up high in preparation for possible flooding. We honestly didn’t think our home would flood or if it did, it would be minimal flooding.  After all, Eta was heading for Nicaragua.  Late Wednesday afternoon, November 4th, we moved to our neighbor’s second story home (on stilts) to prepare for a long night as the outer bands of rain had arrived.  The hurricane quickly increased in strength to a category four. The following morning, we awoke and were heartbroken to find our home had indeed flooded much higher than expected and the water levels steadily rose all around us during that morning/afternoon. It was in those moments of looking out to the six feet high rushing waters, that we chose to cling to the Rock of all ages and cried out for mercy for our lives. Yes, we do know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and know we are going to Heaven; but it was still a very challenging experience. Friends and family were calling the US Embassy and local help trying to arrange for evacuation by boat or helicopter, but accomplishing a rescue in “the perfect storm” was nearly impossible due to convergence of obstacles: like the shape of roof over the house, amount of trees and power lines, and the strength of the rushing water. Thursday night, in the pitch dark, we went to bed with the complete peace of God knowing we were in his hands. David had begun to make mental preparations of how we could escape and get on the tree or roof of the next home if needed as the water was very close to entering the second story home where we were staying with our friends (landlord). But God answered your prayers… The next morning, we awoke safe and the waters had begun to recede. 

Chester and David in flood waters retrieving water bottles.
Our home after the water continued to rise to about 6 feet of rushing water.
Our flooded kitchen- To see more flood pictures you can visit our Facebook page (David Hannah Mora).

During this experience, God provided above and beyond for us. We had plenty of water and food, but could not reach our neighbors with supplies because of the rushing water.  Many of our neighbors were without food, water, or both, and were in a desperate situation for days. We were without electricity for over 96 hours, but we had a generator to keep the fridge cold and charge our cell phones and flashlights. David had figured out a way to operate the generator without exposing us to the deadly fumes of carbon monoxide.  On Sunday  (four days later), the waters had receded enough to allow the arrival of a “task force” of missionaries who descended from the mountains with 500 gallons of water, food, and supplies, to help with the clean up, relief, and recovery process.  On that very first day, we had dear missionary friends who evacuated Nicholas and Chester, our dog, to a safe and clean location in the mountains.  Five days later, we again reunited as a family.  Hurricane Iota then struck Honduras as a category 5 hurricane. More devastation soon followed, and more than 70 people perished in both hurricanes.  We stayed in the mountains for about two weeks and the Lord provided two beautiful places for our family to stay during this time of need. After three failed flight attempts, we finally were able to fly to the US on November 26th for our furlough that was already scheduled with family time, medical appointments, passport renewal, and much more.

We are safely here in Winston-Salem, NC and are finally able to catch our breath after a month of loss, devastation, and fatigue. Through it all, we praise the Lord not only for our lives, but for the many opportunities given for to us to share about our peace, hope, and salvation through Jesus Christ. If it was all just for that, then we praise God he chose to use us as his vessels. We are here on this earth, after all, for His honor and glory. May He continue to use us! 

Moving Forward…

A lot of people have asked us what the future holds for us concerning our ministry in Honduras and if we plan to return.  The answer is YES, we plan to Lord willing return early 2021.  We believe we’re a valuable asset to the Lord’s work, and believe that God is not done with us in Honduras.  We plan on returning to help our body of Christ recover from the devastation, as well as continue with our ministries.  David will return to find us a house to live in on higher ground.  Once he has found a house, Nicholas and I will follow soon after. We are looking for a location closer to the church plant in San Pedro Sula.  More info to come later on uniting the Christian school and church, on the same property.

We are sad to move away from our home of three years,  but we will continue to minister to the same communities of sweet neighbors and friends. We are trusting him through this difficult time. We are still just so thankful to be alive as we came very close to death. God is faithful and we are clinging to Him as he continues to guide every step we take. 

There is still a lot of need in Honduras and we will be sharing ways you can get involved to help our fellow Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ in the days to come. 

Prayer request:

~ While here in the U.S., Hannah has had some allergy testing done and will begin cluster allergy shots soon. Please pray for success with these allergy shots and for Hannah to get long term relief with her allergies.

~ Pray for the Lord to provide a home on higher ground, close to our ministry locations, and big enough to continue our ministries, and in a safe location for our family. 

~ Our Adoption- Things have been put on hold lately as we just went through two hurricanes; however, we do desire to proceed with a Honduran adoption when the Lord allows us to continue.

We hope you and your family have a joyous Christmas season and remember the true reason we celebrate!

Much love,

The Mora Family