Such a Time as This!

Hello family and friends,

We trust this update finds all of you doing well. It has been an interesting three months with this global pandemic. We have seen how the Lord has used this time to draw us closer to him, and we hope he has done the same for you! We wanted to give you an update on what we have been up to during this time of lockdown. 

Quick car ride around neighborhood. 🙂

We have been on quarantine/lockdown since the beginning of March. Our lockdown situation is very different from the US. Schools shut down and online classes began for all of the schools. All restaurants and non essential businesses closed down and remain closed. Only a few restaurants that can deliver are open, which is very limited. Each week varies as to when we are allowed to go out. There have been many weeks where we haven’t been allowed to leave our neighborhood at all. Every 14 days or so, we can go out if our last number, from our ID card is called. Nicholas, and all children, are not permitted to leave at all. David has been the one going to get groceries and items for our family. Nicholas has severe allergies and beginning stages of asthma, and I have an auto-immune disease so we have been trying to be extra cautious with our health to not catch covid. Not to mention we live in a developing country and the healthcare system may not be the greatest. Praise the Lord for good health for our family and our community. We have been very fortunate. The majority of the cases in the country are in San Pedro Sula, which is where we normally minister and where our church is located. We, however, live about 30 minutes from there in a small town. We are hoping that things will start to open up soon in the weeks to come. As of now, all mission teams and conferences have been canceled and will Lord willing, be rescheduled in the near future. 

We have celebrated all of our birthdays during this pandemic as well! Nicholas celebrated his 4th birthday on April 5th with a fire truck themed party at home. David celebrated his 35th birthday on May 9th, and I celebrated my 34th birthday on May 23rd. We tried to make the best of our birthdays at home and got creative! We are thankful for the many friends and neighbors who helped make our birthdays special as well.

Nicholas’ 4th Birthday
David’s 35th Birthday
My 34th Birthday
  • Open doors to continue ministry during this time:
  • More Community Involvement– We have had many opportunities to minister directly in our neighborhood with various projects on our streets, setting up vegetable and fruit trucks to distribute/sell food to neighbors, and also delivering food baskets to families in need. It has been a time to see our neighborhood coming together in a time of uncertainty. Many doors have opened to share the gospel with those around us. Our home owner’s association had a zoom video meeting with our neighborhood this past weekend, and David was asked to lead the beginning of the meeting in prayer. David was excited for this opportunity to openly pray in this meeting! Please be in prayer for more doors to open and for our lights to shine to those around us. 
The Home Owner’s Association in our neighborhood raised money for the guards to bless them with new items for their guard shacks. Each guard took home a bag of frozen meat and a big bag of food for their families. The guards also had a small party with pizza and soft drinks. It was neat for our family to help take part in this. David is pictured on the far right next to the guard in the back.
Truck load full of Plantains donated by local Banana plant. What a blessing! David was able to make several truck loads to many communities in La Lima and San Pedro Sula who were in need of food.
David and other neighbors busy at work on our neighborhood streets filling in many pot holes.
  • Weekly Discipleships and Bible Studies via telephone or zoom– Before this pandemic, we were both involved in weekly Bible studies and discipleships. We have moved those over the phone and through zoom video conferences to continue ministry. It has been a blessing to see many of these people hungry for the Word of God during a time as this. We continue to try and pour into them on a weekly basis. We have also had several opportunities to catch up with some of our supporting churches and Bible study groups to share an update of what has been going on in our ministry here in Honduras. 
Weekly Small Group over video from our church.
  • Involved in Nicholas’ School– Nicholas has continued to have a few preschool classes online and various projects to do each week. This past week, I was asked by his teacher to teach a baking class via Zoom. If you know me well, you know how much I love to cook and bake. It was a great opportunity to teach the parents and students how to make homemade sugar cookies and it was so much fun! 
Family Tree Project
Feliz Dia de Arbol- Nicholas became a tree for a school project. (Earth Day)
Nicholas on a zoom call with some of his classmates and teacher.
  • Lots of family time– We praise the Lord for this precious time we have had as a family together. We’ve gotten creative with our family time such as: homemade pizza nights, making lots of cookies and other goodies, swimming in the pool, taking lots of neighborhood walks, nature scavenger hunts, and just being together as a family! 
Nicholas loves to build and create things!
Daily walks in our neighborhood have always been a thing in our family, but even more so now that we can’t get out of our neighborhood.
Flying a Kite with Daddy
Nicholas learned how to snap fresh green beans with mommy. 🙂
We have had many pizza nights in our house! And also many baking days making cakes, cookies, banana bread, and so much more! He loves being in the kitchen like mommy.
We have many neighbors who brought their restaurant businesses to their homes during this quarantine and one afternoon we enjoyed a cold treat together!


~ We praise the Lord for good health for our family during this time.

~ We praise the Lord for providing for our family as we also share and help other families around us in desperate need with food and money.  In the past month, the Lord has provided one time gifts from churches and individuals in the U.S.  This has allowed us to help those who are struggling the most due to not being able to work, during this pandemic.

Prayer Request:

~ We ask prayer for the many here who don’t have jobs or have recently lost their jobs due to the lockdown and many are going hungry. We know we can’t help everyone around us, but we try to help those from our church when needs arise, and those in and around our community as the Lord allows.

If your church or small group would like to hear an update from us or a small devotional over zoom, please contact us and let us know. We also have been catching up with lots of family and friends during this time as well. 

If you or your church would like to send one time gifts, please contact us. There continues to be many people (including our national team members and local church) in desperate need of food and sometimes money to pay their basic bills. 

Sending our love from Honduras,

David, Hannah, and Nicholas Mora