For Better or For Worse!

Hello family and friends,

We wanted to give you an exciting update on what has been going on here in Honduras.

To begin, we have been adjusting to life here. September proved to be a very hot month with lots of days and nights without electricity, but we have welcomed cooler temperatures in October and especially in November.  Adjusting to life here isn’t just with the heat, but also with getting use to not having the comforts of home. We adjusted well last year living in the jungle, and praise the Lord he has made this transition smooth. We love the home God has blessed us with and are able to host friends and even our small group here on Wednesday nights. We pray God will use our home for ministry and to bless others. We have tried forming relationships with our neighbors in hopes to sharing Christ with them and also inviting them to our small group study.

Pictured above: Our neighbors we have enjoyed getting to know!

Pictured below: Some sweet friends from our church family.

David has started ministry with the SCORE team and is heavily involved with them. Our second month here was used to help our teammates as they lost a lot in the flood that occurred on October 25th and also with their new addition to their family, baby Evangelina. We praise the Lord for the safety and protection he gave all of us.

Monday night class

David attends and will soon be teaching (on a rotation basis) a Monday night discipleship class/ Bible training. He also has started leading our small group study in our home on Wednesday nights. He enjoys being a part of the team and helping where he can. We also found a church home here that we have enjoyed being a part of. They have made us feel very welcome. I (Hannah) am looking forward to getting involved in the children’s ministry in December. I am also praying about an opportunity in a local Christian school to become a volunteer as the Lord leads. Most of my time is spent taking care of Nicholas and our home, which I love.

Even though we aren’t “dreaming of a White Christmas” like back home, we are enjoying our first holiday season here. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch with our SCORE teammates and also with the addition of our Honduran mom from the jungle (from Rus Rus). I got to teach her how to cook some Southern dishes and she enjoyed them, especially the deviled eggs and sweet potato casserole. 🙂

We have enjoyed our time with Geraldina. 

Thanksgiving lunch for the SCORE team that we hosted at our home. We praise the Lord for a beautiful home to use for his glory. 

Nicholas is almost 20 months old and continues to grow quickly. He has long legs and loves to run all around the house. He is learning new words all the time, but his favorite words right now are “This”, “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “Chester”, “Papa” (For Hannah’s dad), and of course “No”. 🙂 He has the sweetest little personality and we love him dearly. He loves to eat and will eat practically anything, which he takes after his daddy on. We praise the Lord for our sweet boy and that he continues to be healthy.

Prayer Request

  • Homesickness is certain during this season and we ask you to pray for our family as we do miss spending the holidays with our family and friends back home.
  • Please be in prayer as Honduras is going through a difficult time with the elections. There are many protests, riots, vandalism, burglary, violence, etc going on. We are safe in our gated neighbourhood that we live in. We have been staying home until a lot of this clears up. There is even a national curfew at 6 pm to 6 am to keep many of the people off the streets. Please be in prayer for the situation. We are thankful our trust is in the Lord and safety comes from him.
  • Pray for more opportunities to share the gospel with those around us, especially in our neighbourhood.

2018 is quickly approaching and we are excited for all the ministry opportunities to come. SCORE has some teams scheduled to come in 2018. Just to put your minds at ease, the political turmoil in this country will Lord willing soon pass. Therefore, we would love to invite you to join one of the teams or even bring your own team! Please contact us for more information. We would love to see you!

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We appreciate and love all of you!


David, Hannah, and Nicholas Mora