We prayed, HE answered!

Hello family and friends!

We arrived in Honduras on Tuesday, September 5th. We praise the Lord for a safe arrival and a sweet welcome from our SCORE teammates. We feel so blessed to be here and are so thankful for all of you supporting us by prayer and finances to make this possible.

The SCORE guys enjoying a bite to eat after a night of ministry.

Our teammates and their families held a special barbeque and pool day for us this past Saturday to welcome us here. It was so encouraging and we LOVE our team that God has placed us on. We all get along great and we look forward to working with them.

The guys cooking! They did an excellent job. 🙂

For the past two months, we have prayed fervently for a home in a safe area and preferably the same neighborhood as our teammates. We also set a certain budget. God answered that prayer on the 3rd day here! We found a beautiful Honduran home that we absolutely love. It is within walking distance from our teammates’ home and is within our budget! God is SO good. We can’t wait to host many of you and have you come visit in the future. We have slowly been unpacking, cleaning,and doing minor repairs on the home this past week. We will be able to sleep in our home Friday night (15th). We are so excited to be established here.

Here is a front picture of our home. We will try to get some better pictures soon. We call it the pink brick house. The rest of the house is white. 🙂 

We are still on the look out for a reliable car within our budget range. Please continue to pray that God will direct us to the vehicle he has for our family.

David was able to attend church this past Sunday; however, Hannah and Nicholas had to stay behind due to him having a cold and a fever. We praise the Lord he has recovered from that. We hope to all be in church this Sunday as a family.

Nicholas is adjusting well here. He loves all of his new friends on our team. We are happy he has other kids his age to play with. He just turned 17 months old last Tuesday. We praise the Lord for this little guy!

Some things we are learning (or remembering) about living in Honduras:

~ Electricity is a blessing and appreciate it while you have it. We have had several power outages since arriving. 😉 Most of the time you have power and sometimes you do not. As I was finishing this blog, we lost power for a few minutes. Gotta love it! 😉

~ It is HOT. And we are thankful to have fans during the day to help with the heat. Please pray for us as we re-adjust to the heat and humidity.

We hope you enjoyed our quick update. We will be sending out a newsletter in October with more details about our ministry here. We miss and love you guys!!


David and Hannah Mora