Welcome to the Jungle!

Hello friends and family!

A lot has happened since our last newsletter and post on our website. We wanted to give you an update now that we have satellite internet up and running here in the jungle.

   David in the plane

We are blessed to have Hannah’s parents here for a visit and to meet their grandson, Nicholas.

Mom, Dad, and Nicholas

First of all, thank you all for your kind words and congratulations in regards to our son, Nicholas. He is 6 weeks old and continues to grow! We are so blessed to have this little boy. He has adapted well to being a missionary kid in the jungles of Honduras. We praise the Lord for his health and sweet spirit. He has started smiling, cooing more, and loves cuddles from mommy and daddy. We feel like our hearts will burst at times because of the love we have for him. Hannah’s parents are here in Honduras May 15th-25th to visit and meet their new grandson. We are so happy to have them here after almost 5 months of not seeing them. We are enjoying our time together as a family.


Chester is doing wonderful here. He is such a great addition to our family. David has been training him on how to clear the runway with cattle and other animals. He is also a wonderful guard dog. He is very protective of Nicholas and myself especially.

We were able to have our first construction team here in Rus Rus April 25th- May 7th. It was a success. A huge thank you to the Wiles who did most of the hosting as David and I are trying to get settled in here. We are so thankful for all that the Wiles have done for us to make this such a good transition. The construction team completed the ceiling in our home, re did all the screens on all the windows (a big project), some welding projects at our home and the hangar, lots of cleaning, and started prepping the walls for painting. Next up on our list is to paint, which Hannah’s parents have been helping with. Once we have painted we will be ready to move in. We are currently living on the other side of the duplex as we wait. We are thankful to have the other side to live in while we wait for our side to be completed.

construction team

Our construction team did an excellent job redoing our ceiling. ceiling

David has been flying a lot with Wes and building more experience with the jungle air strips. Pray for wisdom and patience as he gets checked out on each one. He did do his first flight with just Nicholas and I to the city and did a wonderful job. We praise the Lord for how he has gifted David as a pilot and how he can use this gift to serve the Lord here.

David and Wes in Ahuas

David and Wes flew to Ahuas, a nearby village, for flight practice and to get an airplane part. They were able to catch up with some MMS guys from the U.S.

We will be helping to host a medical team, June 5th-12th, with the Wiles. Please pray God would use this team greatly and many would be helped at the hospital. People will come to be seen from various villages and even from Nicaragua, 5 miles away.

We are looking forward to getting more involved with the people in ministry once things settle down and our home is up and running. We are ready to jump in, but know we have to be patient during this season as we adjust. Pray for us as we continue to adjust to the heat and humidity, living in the jungle which is a lot more work with basic housekeeping, and just being away from our family. We truly believe these people here are going to become a part of our family. We are excited to minister to them.

Airplane Selfie

Our first flight as a family with David as our pilot.


~ We praise the Lord for safety and protection every time we are in the airplane and for the safety he has given us here in our new home.
~ We praise the Lord for good health for our family with all of the transitions we have had.

Prayer Request:

~ Please continue to pray for us as we are still going through the residency process and in the process of getting a passport and more legal paperwork for Nicholas. It’s a long process.
~ Pray for the upcoming medical team coming June 5th-12th. That we would all be the hands and feet of Jesus as we minister to these people.
~ Pray for strength and endurance for ourselves and the Wiles as it has been a busy few months and will continue to be busy until we get settled in.
~ Pray for David as he continues to get more experience flying on different village air strips.

We hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. Thank you for believing in what God has called us to do. We are humbled that God chooses to use us.

Much love and blessings,

David, Hannah and Nicholas Mora