Pressing Forward

Hello friends and family!

Things continue to progress and go well here in La Ceiba. One note of praise is we are officially finished with language school. We were able to complete 3 months and it feels great to be finished. Hannah isn’t completely fluent yet, but is able to defend herself when she is out and about, which was the main goal. She will continue to learn and work on her Spanish as we move to Rus Rus. Next order of business is for baby boy to make his appearance. (39 weeks on Monday and due April 11th) After he has been born here in the city, we hope to leave in the week or two following to the jungle. We cannot wait to get into our new jungle home and start helping Wes and Denise out in Rus Rus. Our construction team is scheduled to come April 25th- May 7th. We can’t wait to see all of them. 🙂

The month of March has been very busy for us. We were able to witness our first Honduran baptism with the local church here. We continue to enjoy fellowship with the believers in this church and will miss them greatly once we leave La Ceiba. We hope to come back and visit occasionally. We are excited about getting involved in the local church there in Rus Rus.


We’ve enjoyed going to the river with some of our church friends many times. These believers have included us in their family lunches and events, which has made us feel so welcome.

baby shower

We were also blessed with our 3rd baby shower. These people don’t have much, but they give all they have for others. It blessed our hearts so much that they wanted to do this for us. Our little boy is already SO loved!


They pulled David from the audience and made him stand with the other fathers. 🙂 He is pictured on the far right side.

fathers day lunch

We had the opportunity to celebrate our first Honduran Father’s Day on March 20th. This day was very special for us as many of you know how long we waited and prayed for a child. David was able to be spoiled at church on this day with the other fathers. They had a special service at church with a special lunch afterwards.

Honduran food

Maria and I

We are very grateful for our host parents who continue to take excellent care of us. We enjoy 3 Honduran meals a day and it has helped us to adapt to the culture. Hannah was also able to teach Maria, our host mom, how to make brownies! It was lots of fun and very yummy. 🙂 

MAG truck

David has been able to help Wes with the MAG truck since we have been stationed here in La Ceiba. This truck will be shipped out hopefully in the next week (April 8, 2016) to be used out in the jungle. We praise the Lord for providing this truck for MAG. 


~ We praise the Lord for the completion of language school and the success with Hannah learning Spanish. She still has a ways to go, but we’re thankful for what all she has learned. 

~ We praise the Lord for our health. We have been healthy here and Hannah’s pregnancy has gone great! Almost there! 😉

~ We praise the Lord for our time here in La Ceiba. Since we have lived here, we have been able to learn the city inside and out, which will be so helpful to us as we come here often for medical supplies and food in the future. 

~ We praise the Lord for his provision. He has continued to provide for us, and we know he will continue to do so. 

Prayer Request:

~ Please pray for a safe and easy delivery for Hannah and our little boy in the next week or two. 

~ Pray for us as we begin our transition to the jungle in a few weeks. Although we have been there, we know it will be an adjustment going from the city to the jungle and the many tasks we will need to complete over the next several months. 

~ Please pray for our upcoming construction team that is traveling from the U.S. (April 25th- May 7th) Pray for a successful trip and good health for all the team members that are coming. 

~ Pray for our finances as we try to be careful on how we transition into the jungle while maintaining a budget. 

We hope all of you are doing well. Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. We love and appreciate all of you!


David and Hannah

David and Hannah maternity