Busy, but loving it!

Hello friends and family!

It’s been awhile since our last blog post due to our last newsletter coming out by email and our video updates on Facebook. We hope all of you are doing well. We always enjoy seeing and “catching up” with all of you on Facebook. We wanted to update you on what’s been going on and be looking for our March newsletter pretty soon!

A lot of people want to know what the weather is like here. For the past two weeks, we received a lot of rain and cooler temperatures, ok cooler for us but a joke for all of you. 😉 It would get down in the mid 60’s and 70’s. Very refreshing for this time of year. This past week the temps went back up in the 80’s and 90’s, with a few rain showers still. We are in their winter and the end of their rainy season. We enjoy the warmer weather, but it has been a big adjustment for both of us having no air conditioning and only one fan in our room. BUT we love it here! You find ways to stay cool such as cold showers and going out for ice-cream. 😉

David and Hannah

8 months pregnant! We rejoice and praise the Lord for this sweet baby boy we will welcome in our arms in a few short weeks.

sweet baby

Our sweet baby boy taking a nap on the placenta. 😉

School continues to go well. We just completed 6 weeks of intensive language school and have 6 more to go! We plan on going to school through the end of March and possibly through some of April, depending on how Hannah is feeling being pregnant. Right now, school can be very tiring for her as she is in the home stretch of her pregnancy. (7 more weeks) Our afternoons and evenings are filled with Spanish homework, guitar lessons (twice a week), practicing with the guitar, missions work, attending our local church here, preparation for Rus Rus mission base, and preparing for baby! Our days are very busy, but we love it! 🙂

Chester and Hannah

Chester, our german shepherd puppy (5 months now), loves to be around his mommy and daddy. He enjoyed listening to mommy try to play the guitar the other night. 🙂

We are very happy that we found a wonderful church here in La Ceiba. It is called Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Comunion. (New Communion Baptist Church) We both feel spiritually fed and encouraged when we attend and the people are SO sweet. Hannah is able to understand about 85% of the service unless they speak too fast. 😉 Following along in a Spanish Bible and reading the screen in Spanish seems to help her learn faster. She is also trying to converse more with the people in Spanish. They have been very supportive and encouraging in our upcoming move to Rus Rus. We know these will be brothers and sisters in Christ that we will stay in touch with for many years to come.


~ Praise the Lord we found a wonderful church to attend! 

~ Praise the Lord for a continued healthy and safe pregnancy for Hannah and baby. Baby boy continues to grow nice and strong. (already weighing a little over 4 pounds) 

Prayer Request: 

~ Continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy these last 7 weeks. Pray for strength for Hannah as she is very tired all the time (even with lots of sleep) and has had a little trouble with swollen ankles from time to time. Other than that, she has had a wonderful pregnancy with little to no complications. 

~ Pray for our upcoming construction team in April/May. David and the team leaders have much planning and preparation to do before that time and not to mention with a baby on the way it’s extra stress on David. Pray God will give him wisdom as he makes decisions. 

~ Pray for the residency process for us. It is a long process and we are in the beginning stages of it and need your prayers. We know God is able! Also, for baby boy once he is born and we apply for his citizenship. 

~ Please be in prayer for the mission base in Rus Rus as the medical/dental brigade is under way and will finish up next week. We will have more details about this brigade in our newsletter. Pray for strength and good health for all the medical personnel and for Wes and Denise as they minister there.

~ Please pray for all of our personal belongings for our home in Rus Rus, David’s tool box, baby stuff from 2 baby showers, and much more making it’s way by ship to Honduras. We are hoping to receive these items in the next 2-3 weeks.


All the cargo in route to Honduras!

We love and appreciate all of you! We are so thankful for the supporters (both in prayer and finances) he has placed in our path. We pray God continues to take care of all of you. Drop us a line sometime. We love to hear from each of you. 🙂

Be looking for our next newsletter that will come out the first week of March. If you have not signed up for our monthly newsletters via email and would like to, send us a private message with your information.


David and Hannah