Blown Away by God’s Provision

Hello friends and family!

Lots has been happening lately and miracles are all around us. We feel so blessed and honored to be on this journey to full-time missionary work in the jungles of Honduras.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy, but fun! We were blessed to spend last weekend (August 21st-24th) in Wilmington, NC. We were able to share about Honduras with a sweet congregation in Ivanhoe, NC. Pastor David and Tara Lancaster are friends of ours that attended Piedmont Baptist College with us. They invited us to come and share in their church. We enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement from these believers. We were also blessed by the sweet hospitality of a long-time friend of Hannah’s, Mary Beth and her family. We enjoyed staying with them in their beautiful home and meeting her family.


Us with the Lancaster family at Ivanhoe Baptist Church


We enjoyed a tour carriage ride through downtown Wilmington.

This past week/weekend (August 27th- August 31st) we have been back in Winston-Salem, NC. We were blessed to share in the celebration of Hannah’s mom’s birthday with family. We have also had a few appointments with friends to share our passion for Honduras. We even got to enjoy our sending church, Calvary Chapel Fellowship, have a service in the potential building they will be moving to! God is so good in providing for them! They will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary as a church on October 24th. What a blessing it has been for us to have this wonderful body of believers supporting us each step of the way.

 Looking Ahead…

Sunday, September 6th- Zoar Baptist Church in Shelby, NC

Sunday, September 13th- New Ground Church in Danville, VA

Sunday, October 11th- Union Grove Baptist Church in Lexington, NC

October 26th-28th- Union Grove Christian School’s Mission Conference

** Dates are still being confirmed for other Sundays as well.**


~We praise the Lord for continued health and protection as we travel on the road.

~ Praise the Lord for continuing to raise our financial support each week! We are blown away by his provision. Currently we are at 49.6 % as of August 30th.

Prayer Request:

~ Pray for our future construction team. We are in the process of putting our team together for the last week of April and first week of May. Pray to see if God would want you to go!

~ Pray that God will continue to bring new prayer and financial supporters in his timing.

We love and appreciate all of you!

David and Hannah


Our Neck of the Woods

It’s always so wonderful to be in your hometown. I love to reminisce and think of all the memories that reside here in the town I grew up in. It’s also wonderful to see all the people that have truly made an impact in our lives! We have been very blessed to see many friends and family this week back in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Burlington area.

We, of course, always enjoy sweet time with Hannah’s family every time we are in the Winston-Salem area. We enjoyed some sweet fellowship with Hannah’s grandparents before they headed south again to Florida. We also enjoyed time with Hannah’s parents, and her Aunt Mendy and Uncle Gray (never got a picture). 🙁

IMG_1291IMG_1290IMG_1282Someone always enjoys Grandma’s recliner. 😉IMG_1281

We thoroughly enjoyed worshipping on Sunday morning with our sending church, Calvary Chapel Fellowship, and worshipping Sunday evening in Union Grove Baptist Church, where Hannah grew up.

On Monday, we were excited to travel to Burlington for the day. We were able to see our dear friends, Jeremy and Tiffany, and even get to see our wonderful MAG team. We are always so encouraged to see all of them.


This sweet couple was my youth pastor/youth pastor’s wife my last two years of high school. These two have truly invested in my life and continue to! They are the ones who encouraged me to pursue full-time ministry and spend at least one year in Bible college (Word of Life). Tiffany was the one who encouraged me to wait patiently for a Godly husband. I’m so thankful for them and words could never express the love I have for them. We loved sharing our ministry with them and it was wonderful seeing them.

The rest of the week we had various appointments with individuals, pastors, and churches. I wasn’t able to get pictures with everyone. We were so thankful for all these opportunities! A lot of the people we met with have pledged to support us monthly. We were even able to visit Piedmont International University, where it all began for us, and see a lot of our favorite professors.



We were given the opportunity to share our heart and passion in a Spanish small group. David did most of the sharing in Spanish, but I did get to share some in my broken Spanish. I can’t wait to be fluent like him! 🙂


We came home from Winston-Salem on Friday and enjoyed some down time in Shelby. On Sunday, August 16th, we spoke in the morning service at Drury Dobbins Baptist Church in Ellenboro, NC. Our wonderful friends, Chris and Amanda Hensley, invited us to come share. Chris is the pastor of this wonderful church. The congregation was so warm and welcoming towards us. They even had a potluck lunch after the service. The food and fellowship was wonderful!

We enjoyed sharing our heart for Honduras. This church was very giving and are eager to get involved in our ministry.


Our Upcoming Schedule

Sunday, August 23rd- Ivanhoe Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC

Sunday, August 30th- Open

Sunday, September 6th- Zoar Baptist Church (Home Church in Shelby, NC)

Sunday, September 13th- New Ground Church in Danville, Virginia

Our schedule is constantly growing and changing. We have numerous individual appointments throughout each week and are thankful to share with others about how they can be involved. If you’d like to hear more about how you can be involved in our ministry, let us know! 🙂

Monthly support level continues to climb as we take on new pledges weekly! Right now, our monthly support is at a steady 44%, but it really is more than that once all our pledges come through. We have numerous families and churches that are in the process of taking us on, and we are patiently waiting.

1% of needed support = $50.00 a month. 

We also have supporters doing anywhere from $10.00 on up. Would you consider doing a dollar a day =$30.00 a month? 

Would YOU help us pray that God would continue to help us reach the 50% milestone? Will YOU get involved in helping send us to Honduras? 

If you’re interested in partnering with us financially, click on the support us tab on the top of our page. 

Blessings and love,

David and Hannah

Wrapping up July

Friends and Family,

Where has the summer gone? We can’t believe it is already August and July is over. We are excited for all the progress we have made this summer in our support raising. God is so good!

This past week we were in Shelby making contacts and having appointments in the area. We were also able to make a small one night trip to Franklin, NC to share at Iotla Baptist Church on Wednesday, July 29th.

We arrived that Wednesday and shared lunch with Pastor Jeff and his wife Cecilia. They are such a sweet couple and we enjoyed their fellowship. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our heart for Honduras that Wednesday evening at Iotla Baptist Church. The people were so welcoming and excited to hear more about Honduras. We are hoping this church will send out a missions team in the future. 🙂


Tommy and Kathy, another sweet couple at Iotla, allowed us to stay in their renovated cottage. It use to be a smokehouse, but is now used for guests to stay in. It was absolutely beautiful! We enjoyed our stay and hope to be back soon.


The views there were absolutely breathtaking. Who doesn’t love the mountains?



We arrived back home from Franklin, NC on Thursday.

During this past week, David has been able to stay proficient in the airplane as he has done several flights. We are thankful for these opportunities that Compass Aviation continues to give him to stay current.

Sunday, August 2nd, we spoke at Double Springs Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. The pastor asked us to share in the morning service as the last time we were there we shared at a Sunday breakfast. We were excited to share with the whole congregation about our vision and passion for Honduras.


Overall, the past week was very successful! We are excited to see our support continue to climb. We didn’t meet our goal of 50% this past week, but we are rejoicing that we did climb some. We know in the Lord’s timing we will achieve that milestone. Would you pray about supporting us monthly to help us get to Honduras?

Current Monthly Support: 45.5.%

Upcoming Schedule

August 8th-13th– We will be in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro/Burlington area. We have several appointments with families and pastors. We have just a few open times left if any of our Winston friends would like to see us. We are hoping to be back in Winston at the end of August/early September.

Sunday am (8th)- Calvary Chapel Fellowship in Winston-Salem, NC

Sunday pm (8th)- Union Grove Baptist Church in Lexington, NC

Wednesday pm- Open

August 16th- Drury Dobbins Baptist Church in Ellenboro, NC

August 23rd- Ivanhoe Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC

August 30th- Open- Possibly back in Winston-Salem

If you and your family would like to hear more about our ministry, please feel free to contact us so we can set up an appointment! We would love to share our heart and passion for Honduras with you!

We love and appreciate all of you!


David and Hannah