Mora’s Update- June 22nd

Hello friends and family!

The past few weeks have been VERY busy for us. We are actually taking a few days off for some down time.

Hannah finished the school year at Graham on June 11th and is relieved to be finished. She will miss her co-workers and students, but is excited about being on full-time support raising with David. We have also enjoyed seeing several friends and family over the last few weeks here in Winston-Salem and also visiting us in Shelby.



We have both been speaking at various churches at the past few weeks. We are excited to report that we are currently at 30% of our needed financial support. God continues to provide and raise new financial partners. Would you pray to see if God is calling YOU to be involved in our ministry?

Below are some pictures of the past few weeks. We love all of you!


L to R: David, Hannah, Rachel (Wiles’ Daughter), Denise, Wes, Abrielle, and Joel- This is the MAG Honduras Team. We are excited to serve alongside them! 🙂 We enjoyed having lunch with them last week in Winston-Salem.


We enjoyed sharing our ministry with Daystar Christian Fellowship in Greensboro, NC- The Spanish Church who has been supporting us. What an encouragement it was for us to share. In the picture, the pastor prayed over us. 🙂

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions??

1. When are you heading to Honduras? We cannot leave until we are 100% financially supported. Our goal is to leave early next year (January 2016) to head to language school in Honduras. After language school (3-4 months), we will be headed to the jungle.

2. How long will you be there? We have trained and prepared for over 10 years. Our plans are to stay there until the Lord tells us otherwise. We are hoping to be there until retirement age. We still plan on coming home on a yearly basis, considering how close Honduras is to the United States.

3. Why do we need to financially support you NOW? We are in need of monthly financial support to help us prepare for Honduras and for our living expenses here while we are on deputation/support raising here in the U.S. However, we will only live off about 50% of our monthly support here in the U.S. The rest of our support will be saved for our outgoing expenses. (Example of one outgoing expense: Generator to run electricity in our jungle home -$8,000)

4. Should I give monthly or a one-time gift? We appreciate all the monetary gifts that come in to help us with our ministry. The one-time gifts generally go towards our outgoing expense fund and traveling for support raising expenses. Monthly support is very needed at this time to get to Honduras. In order for us to head to Honduras, we have to be 100% supported on a monthly basis. This is why we are pushing so hard to raise monthly support; however, we do appreciate the one-time gifts/love offerings that family/friends bless us with. Whatever the Lord lays on your heart will bless us indeed! Each gift-whether monthly or one-time is furthering the kingdom of God!

5. Where do you normally speak/share your ministry? We are speaking at people’s homes, churches, and with small groups. We are open to share anywhere with anyone who agrees doctrinally with us, our sending agency, and sending church. Let us know if your church is interested in having us come speak.

Week of June 7th-14th

Hello friends!

Today, June 7th, we had the opportunity to speak at Double Springs Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. We spoke at the brotherhood breakfast and shared about our passion for Honduras. We also were able to attend Sunday School and the worship service. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these precious brothers and sisters in Christ.

This week will be Hannah’s last week at Graham Elementary. Please pray for both of us as we finish packing up her classroom and preparing to take some of these things to Honduras! Pray for Hannah as she will be saying goodbye to her co-workers and students.

We will be speaking at a Spanish Church in Greensboro, NC this Sunday, June 14th. We will also have the opportunity to meet up with our co-missionaries from Honduras in the Winston-Salem. (The Wiles and Braxtons) We are looking forward to a time of sweet fellowship and reunion as we continue to prepare for Honduras.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Love and blessings to all of you!